You need to enable javascript to view this website. The Telematics Webinar 2013 | 3pm & 4pm GMT, Wednesday 6th November 2013 - Broadcast live from New Zealand House

Insurance telematics is gaining traction, but with a growing number of new entrants providing more options than ever for consumers to choose from, it’s essential to differentiate from the competition with a customer-focused proposition. This unique webinar brings together industry experts from insurance and roadside assistance to explore the next steps in making this happen, exploring the challenges and opportunities in building better relationships with each other and with consumers.

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Our expert panel includes:
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    Bob Skerrett
    UK Telematics Director

  • Presenter Image

    Jaymi McManus
    Head of Financial Services
    Vodafone Global Enterprise

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    Geoff Werner
    Global Leader of Telematics
    Towers Watson

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    Adam Brzozowski
    Insurance Telematics & LBS Consultant
    HOT Innovations

Chaired by:
Lindley Gooden
Former Presenter, BBC, Sky and ITV

Lindley Gooden
Topics to be discussed:
  • Which customer segments are likely to offer the greatest opportunities for expansion?
  • Examining the future of telematics: how close is the industry to UBI in the home or beyond?
  • How has telematics take-up improved in recent months? What are the biggest obstacles to greater market penetration?
  • Building customer loyalty with continuous engagement: what value-added services will they truly value?
  • From real-time analysis of behaviour to real-time pricing? The role of telematics in improving underwriting accuracy
  • Communicating the value of UBI to customers: how can insurers overcome inertia, privacy concerns and lack of understanding?
  • Boxes vs. apps: which types of products are witnessing the greatest growth and why?
  • Gathering UBI data: the movement towards data standards and the challenges still remaining
  • What is needed to accelerate change and growth?